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Cottonsoft is a New Zealand operated and managed tissue converting company, manufacturing and distributing leading brands of high quality toilet and tissue paper products throughout New Zealand.

As a socially, economically and environmentally responsible company, Cottonsoft adheres to stringent New Zealand and international environmental laws, only sourcing fibres from internationally certified suppliers and only purchasing wood fibre from sustainably managed forestry sources.

LIVI is well known in world-class establishments across the globe, from hospitals to resorts, restaurants to cafes, government institutions to corporate offices and schools. Currently LIVI is distributed in 37 countries across 5 continents and has maintained a common standard of excellence that places it in the upper echelons of its industry.

cottonsoft paper         Livi Paper

Livi Essentials Interfold Hand Towel – 1421

1PLY 250 SHEETS Units per case: 16 Cases per pallet: 30 Dispensers: D830 Reorder Code: 1421

Livi Standard Centrefeed Dispenser – DUR1

Products that fit: Livi Essentials premium centrefeed towel - 1203 Earthsmart recycled blue centrefeed towel - 7457 Livi Essentials blue centrefeed towel 2ply 180m- 3453 Livi Basics centrefeed towel 1ply 300m- 7474 Livi Essentials premium centrefeed towel 2ply 180m - 3456

Livi Essentials Facial Tissue 100s – 1301

Livi 100 sheet Facial Tissue Carton of 30 x 100 sheet

Livi Impressa Toilet Tissue 3ply – 3005

Livi 225 sheet 3ply Toilet Paper Carton of 48 rolls

Livi Essentials Slimfold Hand Towel – 1402

Paper Type: Virgin Sheets per Pack: 200 Ply: 1 Sheet Width (mm): 230 Sheet Length (mm): 230 Inner Packaging: interleave in paper sleeve Outer Packaging: carton Units / Carton: 20 Cartons / Layer: 6 Cartons / Pallet: 36 Suits Dispensers: D811, D822

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