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Tork T3 Mini Multifold Hand Towel

Half size paper hand towel is easy to use and less waste when drying smaller hands Easy handling - packaged in Tork Carry Packs that are easy to carry, use and dispose 185 sheets per pack, 42 packs per poly, White, 1ply

Tork Advanced Compact Hand Towel 1ply

90 sheets per pack, 24 packs per case, White, 1ply Tork Advanced Compact paper towel is suitable for compact paper towel dispensers Single sheet dispensing reduces consumption

Tork Guest Extra Soft Hand Towel 1ply Premium

The premium quality Tork Premium Quaterfold Hand Towel is ideal for establishments when only the best will do Towel is soft, thick and absorbent 100 towels per packs, 4 packs per case, White

Tork H4 Ultraslim Hand Towels

Popular multifold Ultraslim Tork H4 hand towel system

Tork H3 Singlefold Hand Towels

Tork Singlefold H3 system is the single sheet hand towel dispensing system with a versatile selection of towel.

Tork Matic H1 Hand Towel Rolls

High capacity portion control on a roll hand towel system reduces servicing time and the risk of towel run-out Please Choose From The Dropdown Menu Below: [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/xuPCtHGlOhE" width="240" height="200"]

Tork Xpress H2 Multifold Hand Towels

Tork H2 Multifold hand towel system offers portion controlled cost effective dispensing of absorbent paper towel for drying hands quickly [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/L8Kt5q90ccg" width="240" height="200"] Please Choose From The Dropdown Menu Below:  

Livi Essentials Interfold Hand Towel – 1421

1PLY 250 SHEETS Units per case: 16 Cases per pallet: 30 Dispensers: D830 Reorder Code: 1421

Livi Impressa 2ply Slimfold Hand Towel – 3350

Livi Impressa 2ply Slimfold Hand Towel – 3350 Livi Impressa 2ply Slimfold Hand Towel – 3350

Gracefield Essentials Compact Hand Towel – 1456

1 PLY 120 SHEET Units per case: 20 Cases per pallet: 48 Dispensers: D720 Reorder Code: 1456

Livi Essentials Slimfold Hand Towel – 1402

Paper Type: Virgin Sheets per Pack: 200 Ply: 1 Sheet Width (mm): 230 Sheet Length (mm): 230 Inner Packaging: interleave in paper sleeve Outer Packaging: carton Units / Carton: 20 Cartons / Layer: 6 Cartons / Pallet: 36 Suits Dispensers: D811, D822

Livi Essentials Centrefeed Roll Towel – 1203

Paper Type: Virgin Sheets per Roll: 750 Ply: 1 Sheet Width (mm): 197 Sheet Length (mm): 400 Roll Length (m): 300 Roll Diameter /- 3 (mm): 200 Inner Packaging: paper wrapped roll Outer Packaging: polybag Units / Carton: 4 Cartons / Layer: 9 Cartons / Pallet: 72 suits dispenser DUR1.

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