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SEBO NZ Vacuum Cleaners – for a healthier home! When it comes to reliability and cleaning performance, few New Zealand vacuum cleaners can compare to the SEBO brand. Each model boasts a variety of user-friendly features that make cleaning easy and convenient. Designed and manufactured in Germany, these vacuums are famous for their durability and their ability to remove every last trace of dirt and dust.

We are the authorised distributors of SEBO in New Zealand. Our inventory includes products for both commercial and domestic vacuum cleaners New Zealand wide, along with spare parts, bags, and optional accessories for your vacuum. Be it an upright or commercial vacuum, SEBO have vacuum cleaners and accessories that’s right for you.

SEBO NZ Vacuums

SEBO Ultra High Speed Polisher Head

SEBO Ultra High Speed Polisher Head SEBO Ultra high speed polishing head only. Comes with Green “Daily Maintenance” pad. Polishing head requires attachment to a suitable SEBO vacuum cleaner such as a Dart 2, Felix Premium or K3 Premium.

SEBO Duo P Clean Box Carpet Powder

SEBO Duo P Clean Box is a 500g packet of Duo-Powder that comes with a spot clean brush. The Duo dry powder system cleans without the use of water.

SEBO Evolution Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags, packet of 8

SEBO UHS Blue Floor Pads

UHS Blue Floor Pads are coated with a resin containing diamond dust with graduated grain to ensure the perfect finish.

SEBO Dart 2 Vacuum

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SEBO Dart 2 Vacuum

SEBO Dart 2 Vacuum will clean to the last dust particle. The SEBO DART upright vacuum cleaner featured with a unique turning swivel neck and an integrated hose handle, sets a new technical standard using the most modern techniques but also a higher standard as...

SEBO Evolution 370 Upright Vacuum

Single Motor Easy Cable change Easy to change Brush Strip Overload secure Foot Pedal 2 integrated attachments (crevice and upholstery nozzle) Filter bag 3-layers Innovation brush height adjustment Cleans flat to the floor Cable length 12m Can be used with a reusable Cloth Bag

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