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Diversey Care Clax Laundry Liquid range

Auto-dosed liquids for on Premise Laundries Customise your wash formulas to suit the fabrics and soils encountered in your on-premise laundry. Our traditional liquid range includes alkali boosters, detergents, destainers, sours and softeners.

Diversey Care Clax Manual Dose Laundry Powders and Bleaches

For manual dose machines and pre-soaking. Our range of powders are suitable for pre-soaking or for manual dosing laundry machines . The range includes high performance mainwash detergents, anti-bacterial detergents and bleach powders.

RapidClean Wonder Soaker Sanitiser

RapidClean Wonder Soaker Sanitiser is a white free flowing oxygenated bleaching powder used for the cleaning and whitening of nappies, whites and coloured clothing. It may also be used for the removal of tannin and food stains from crockery items

RapidClean Eclipse Concentrated Laundry Powder

RapidClean Eclipse Concentrated Laundry Powder is a low foaming powder suitable for all types of linen (excluding wool) and is recommended for top/front loading machines. It can be used as a pre-soak for heavily soiled laundry prior to washing. Eclipse is Grey Water safe and 140270...

RapidClean Extreme Laundry Liquid

RapidClean Extreme Concentrated Laundry Liquid contains a floral fragrance to leave clothes smelling fresh. Extreme Concentrated Laundry Liquid effectively removes common stains on all fabrics and is suitable for hot or cold washing. Extreme is Grey Water safe and complies with Australian standards for phosphate...

RapidClean Cuddle Soft Fabric Softener

RapidClean Cuddle Soft Fabric Softener performs two roles in one operation softens fabrics as well as eliminating static charge. Recommended for the laundering of towels, bed linen and to reduce static cling in polyester and synthetic garments. Leaves fabrics fragrantly fresh, easy to iron and...

RapidClean Bleach 4%

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RapidClean Bleach 4%

Bleach 4% is a chlorine activated bleach and sanitiser which may be used in a wide variety of cleaning and sanitising applications. It can also be used as a vegetable sanitiser in kitchen applications when diluted to the correct ratio. Available in 5 Litre or...

Optimo® Fabric Softener 2L

• Reduces static cling and creasing. • Reduces drying time and makes ironing easier. • Leave your clothes feeling fresh and wonderful. • Bottle packaging is recyclable.

Earthon™ Laundry Powder 7.5kg

x NO Phosphates x NO Ammonia or Nitrates x NO EDTA or NTA x NO APEO’s x NO Fragrances, Dyes or enzymes x NO Enzymes. x NO Animal Testing. YES - The surfactants used in earthon™ are readily biodegradable according to Australian Standard 4351.

Diversey Persil Laundry Liquid


Diversey Optimo Laundry Powder 12kg

Diversey Optimo Laundry Powder 12kg is enzyme boosted, with a fresh fragrance, giving you the combined benefit of greater cleaning power, to remove stains and dirt from clothing, while leaving a fresh, clean smell. Suitable For Top Load Machines

Diversey Care Clax Revoflow – Laundry Solution, off the floor

Clax Revoflow is a unique OFF THE FLOOR system, that does away with virtually all the hazards and inefficiencies of traditional washing systems. For a tidy laundry and perfect wash every time.

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