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RapidClean is an Australian & New Zealand owned company with over 60 stores throughout Australia & New Zealand. Our business is made up of cleaning supply experts operating their own stores. Our stores stock major brands of industrial, commercial and environmentally friendly cleaning and packaging products. Our RapidClean staff pride themselves on delivering the best cleaning products and honest advice at the most cost effective price. Our aim is to provide our customers with the support of a national organisation while providing a local service, single source, cost effective one-stop-shop solution. homework service

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Cleaning Supplies

RapidClean Lemon Fresh Disinfectant Cleaner

is a commercial grade disinfectant with built-in detergent. It is formulated to clean and disinfect all hard surfaces and provide protection against germs and bacteria. It deodorises the room, leaving a pleasant lemon fragrance. Recommended for all washable hard surfaces such as floors and tiled...

RapidClean Sudzee Sink Detergent

Sudzee Sink Detergent is an active multi-purpose detergent formulated to cut through baked-on grease. This high sudsing liquid is delicately perfumed with an apple fragrance and is guaranteed to deliver great cleaning results. Sudzee Sink detergent is recommended for a wide variety of cleaning applications...

RapidClean Neutrol Low Foaming Detergent

RapidClean Neutrol Low Foaming Detergent  is a heavy duty highly concentrated, low foaming Detergent. It combines low foam detergency with soil suspending agents. Neutrol is suitable for use in auto scrubbers and pressure washers, with a mop and bucket or a spray and wipe. Recommended for...

Scotch-Brite™ Scour Sponge 96HEX-FL

Scotch-Brite™ Scour Sponge 96HEX-FL Scotch-Brite™ Scour Sponge 96HEX-FL

3M Scotch-Brite Clean & Shine Pads

3M Scotch-Brite Clean & Shine Pads shine the floor as you clean with it. With repeated use, your floors gradually achieve burnish-quality results without the extra step of actually burnishing. Using a low-speed auto scrubber with just plain water or neutral cleaner, it effectively removes scuff...

ProChoice P2 Disposable Respirator

ProChoice P2 Disposable Respirator has a P2 Rating for protection against mechanically and thermally generated particles.

ProChem 35cm Nitrile PU Glove

ProChem 35cm Nitrile PU Glove is Scientifically designed and engineered for longer and higher levels of protection when working with chemicals. Super light seamless knit liner provides excellent comfort, sensitivity, fit and dexterity Excellent grip in wet and oily applications. Size: 9,10,11

ProChoice Stinga Glove

ProChoice Stinga Glove provides the ultimate in bare hand technology. It has a firm, comfortable fit that will enhance the dexterity of the wearer. The Stinga has the Highest-grade nylon this gives the user more control & also latex free which is great for those with...

Paramount Safety SMS Coveralls

Paramount Safety SMS Coveralls with Triple Layer Polypropylene TYPE 5 & 6. Lightweight and soft with excellent strength Elasticated wrists and ankles Zip Seal for increased particle protection Excellent breathability to reduce moisture build up Excellent barrier to dust and light splash Lint-free Two-way zipper for...

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