Filta Vissy Commercial Microfibre Cloth Orange

Designed for use in Hygiene and Food Preparation – 40cm X 40cm

Filta Vissy Commercial Microfibre Cloth Orange

The Vissy Microfibre cloth is 100% lint free and designed for food preparation and or clean down. Ideal for the Food, Dairy and hospitality industries alike.

300Gsm and 40cm x 40cm the Filta Vissy Cloth is ideal for those tough cleaning jobs in your commercial kitchen.

10 Principles of Safe Food Handling and Hygiene:

  1. Cooking appropriate temperature/procedures.
  2. Sanitise all equipment and tools before preparing.
  3. Food Storage cleanliness/temperature
  4. Procure from safe sources
  5. Develop and Follow HAACP Program Hazard analysis critical control points
  6. Training and Development
  7. Heat/Cool Food properly
  8. Control time and temperature
  10. Practice proper hygiene