Haaga Sweeper 497 Profi With Isweep

Available In 77cm Adn 97 cm Brush Width

Haaga Sweeper 497 Profi With Isweep

Highly Efficient, Easy To Operate

  • Light weight for easy use
  • Grabs debris in front and deposits into the rear.

Patented Turbo Sweeping System

  • 966mm clearing path sweeps twice with one motion
  • Twin front brushes rotate in opposite direction grabbing debris
  • Brush roller on bottom picks up finer particles
  • Side rollers sweep along walls

50 Litre Container

  • Opens and empties with ease
  • Just pop the latch and dump the debris you have picked up

Easy To Store

  • Stand up storage design takes up little space

Outstanding Warranty

  • 4 year warranty on brushes
  • 2 year warranty overall