IPC CT110 BT70 Ride-On Scrubber

Ideal for large spaces and exclusive to RapidClean members, the IPC CT110 is a ride-on scrubber-dryer designed for cleaning industrial floors, warehouses, workshops, and shopping malls.


IPC CT110 Ride-On Scrubber

With the possibility to have up to 4 hours of continuous operation thanks to the large battery compartment, a wide cleaning path up to 85cm, and a dispensing system designed to save water and detergent, the CT110 optimizes cleaning work to the maximum, making it practical, fast and effective.

The recovery tank of the CT110 has been provided with antibacterial plastic that resists to bacterial growth and spread.


  • Powerful motor – 16% Climbing angle
  • Yellow Touch Point for easy daily maintenance
  • Reliability – Easy Electronic Concept
  • Easy to Service – Full Access Internal Parts
  • Great Maneuverability – 190 cm minimal turning radius