IPC CT80 BT60 Ride-On Scrubber-Dryer

The CT80 is a ride on scrubber-dryer with a compact design and built with durable materials.

Designed for cleaning medium sized surfaces and exclusive to RapidClean members.

IPC CT80 Ride-On Scrubber-Dryer

The small size of the CT80 and its turning radius of 185cm allows it to work even in very tight spaces. The ergonomics of the machine and seat ensure operator comfort and thanks to these features, this professional scrubber is suitable for a number of different floor types including hard, resin, and porcelain tiles.

The recovery tank of the CT80 has been provided with antibacterial plastic that resists bacterial growth and spread.


  • 240 min. running time
  • Great Maneuverability – 185 cm minimal turning radius
  • Powerful motor – 16% Climbing angle
  • Easy – Pre-programmed working settings
  • Yellow Touch Point for easy daily maintenance
  • 4 Batteries – 240 Ah