Pacvac Superpro Battery Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Pacvac Superpro battery 700 advanced backpack vacuum delivers manoeuvrability, efficiency and strong suction for large scale commercial cleaning.


Pacvac Superpro Battery 700 Advance

Pacvac’s flagship backpack vacuum! Designed with advanced battery-power and a brushless motor, this cordless backpack vacuum is the perfect choice if you are looking for manoeuvrability, efficiency and suction for large scale commercial cleaning.

The Pacvac Superpro battery 700 advanced features a Hypercone™ filter, delivering cleaner air for your environment. We want you to be comfortable when you wear your backpack vacuum, so we partnered with leading ergonomists to create a lightweight body moulded frame and an extra comfy harness with thick padding in all the right places.

We provide you with four battery packs, two are required for machine operation and the other two are conveniently supplied as spares to keep you cleaning longer.

  • Superpro battery 700 advanced comes with five disposable paper cone dust bags in the box.
  • Vacuum motor 300W single-stage flow through 36V BLDC.
  • Power source 2 x 18V 6.0Ah (108Wh) lithium-ion batteries.
  • Battery run-time Up to 40 minutes per set of 2 batteries (4 batteries included).
  • Battery charge-time 1 hour 15 minutes per set of 2 batteries.
  • Noise level (at 1.5m) 64dB(A).
  • Filtration = 4-stage filtration Hypercone™.
  • Volumetric airflow (max.)33L/sec.
  • Capacity 5L.
  • Weight 5.7kg (with battery pack, excluding hose).
  • Warranty 2 years on body and motor -1 year on batteries and charger