Bio-Zyme is a New Zealand privately owned, manufactured and operated company which started from humble beginnings and has steadily grown into a large sustainable business manufacturing three  environmentally preferable cleaning and degreasing products for both the commercial and domestic markets.

Bio-Zyme head office and manufacturing is in Christchurch where they have continued since 2005 doing extensive research and development of these truly unique products. Testing on all products is done both internally and externally to ensure the products are always keeping up with what is happening in our environment. The sales team throughout New Zealand is passionate and caring, they do onsite training and evaluations for customers to help them understand and get the most out of the Bio-Zyme products.

Bio-Zyme not only meets Eco Choice Aotearoa standards but has gained accreditations with BioGro and MPI approved C31, C32, Dairy approved and recognised. Bio-Zyme has also been tested by Hill Laboratories NZ and Eurofins Scientific Laboratory Australia – ask about Bio-Zyme’s test results; available on request.

Bio-Zyme is also endorsed by the leading manufacturers of septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems in New Zealand as well as NZ Councils throughout the country, which makes this organic product stand out from other products on the market.

Bio-Zyme manufactures cost-effective and productive degreaser/cleaners that make a difference and look after our environment while reducing the number of products needed to be used on sites or in the home, which in turn helps to reduce the carbon footprint with readily biodegradable products.

Bio-Zyme core values are organic, honestreliable and sustainable. Bio-Zyme’s environmentally preferable products are stronger and validated also by several customers who share the successful outcomes Bio-Zyme is giving them.