About Filta

Filta Cleaning Products have been in business since 1977 and during this period have helped define and navigate the New Zealand Cleaning landscape for our key partners. Filta brings a can do attitude and understanding of the New Zealand cleaning market that reflects quality, transparency and a partnership approach. Filta lead the market with investment into the latest technology and the integration of our expertise and experience to maximize our partners experience within the cleaning space.

Drawing on our experience in the cleaning and vacuum industry, we know what it takes to deliver world leading products that promote productivity and maximise our clients opportunities across New Zealand.

With International brands and suppliers Filta looks to trends across several markets for exciting new opportunities. These are spear-headed by our expert team who have a great understanding of our clients’ needs throughout NZ.

Filta looks to the future for product innovation and category changes that will lead our partners to greater execution in their business opportunities.

Filta can provide all aspects of supply, from working with our clients to innovate and excite the market to maximise health and safety protocols, procedures for today’s office, commercial space and or home.