October 19, 2022

Thank Your Cleaner Day 2022


RapidClean in partnership with Kärcher would like to thank the hardworking and dedicated cleaners of New Zealand.

Every day, tens of thousands of skilled, dedicated cleaning staff are working to ensure facilities are clean and safe. Thank Your Cleaner Day™ recognises the hard work cleaners do and lets them know they are valued and appreciated. This year’s Thank Your Cleaner Day™ will be held on October 19th 2022.

Why not join us and take this opportunity to thank the cleaners who are looking after your premises. Let them know you recognise and value their work and you are aware of their vital contribution to your business. We all like to feel valued and appreciated.


If you are a business or cleaning contractor that wants to say a big thank you to the cleaners that help to ensure that your business keeps running smoothly then here are some ways that you can get involved:

  • Say thank you to your cleaners
  • Send a thank you email to all your cleaners
  • Download our free certificate
  • Add our free email banner to your email signature
  • Make a post on your social media
  • Print our free poster and display it at your workplace
A little recognition goes a long way! 
Download a certificate of appreciation for your cleaners! 

Click here to download our free certificate

Social Media Tiles, Posters & Email Banners.

One of the easiest ways to get involved is by sharing a post on social media, using an email banner in your signature, or displaying a poster at your workplace.

Be part of Thank Your Cleaner Day and say “Thank You!” to the hard-working people responsible for your safe and clean workplace. 

Click the link below to view our free downloadable resources.

Click here to download our free resources